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Zirconia Crowns

When your dentist recommends that you get a crown, you'll have many choices with one of them being zirconia crowns. You may have never heard of them since gold and porcelain crowns are much more common. However, you may be interested in zirconia as a material.

On this page are the key things to know about Zirconia crowns. In order to put one of these crowns in your mouth, your dentist will need to prepare the tooth beforehand. A certain amount of your tooth's structure will need to be removed so that the crown can fit properly. An impression of your teeth is then created and sent off to a laboratory.

After your tooth has been prepared, it will be very sensitive. This means that your dentist will need to place a temporary crown on the tooth to provide protection for it. You'll need to wear this temporary crown until the lab sends back your permanent one. After it comes back, your custom crown will be cemented into place.



Zirconia Crowns Procedure & Cost

You should know that the zirconia crowns cost is typically higher than that of other materials. This increased expense is due to the fact that the zirconia will need to be milled at a special center. You can expect to pay about $100 or $200 more for zirconia than porcelain crowns. However, the added expense may be worth it to you since they offer various advantages.

Zirconia Crowns Pros & Cons

Zirconia Crowns Are Durable

One of the main advantages when comparing zirconia crowns vs porcelain is strength. Porcelain can easily chip or crack if you're not careful. They'll last ten years or more if you are. However, zirconia is even more durable since you can't possible generate enough force to damage them. Therefore, they should last for a lifetime.

Zirconia Crowns Give A Natural Look

Another advantage of these crowns is their look. Sometimes, porcelain will be fused to a metal base to offer more strength. However, problems may result over time with the metal being noticeably visible near your gum line. This isn't a problem with zirconia since they'll always offer a natural look.

As mentioned, these crowns are quite strong. Therefore, your dentist won't have to remove as much of your tooth structure in order to make room for them. More structure will need to be removed when it comes to porcelain crowns. You may not even be able to get them if your tooth is too damaged.

Zirconia Crowns Material "Too" Strong

While the strength of zirconia definitely offers an advantage, it can also be a drawback. Since the material is so tough, it will be very abrasive against your other teeth. This may cause them to become worn down. Materials such as gold are a little bit softer so they don't cause this problem.

Another potential disadvantage of zirconia crowns is their higher cost. This will be a significant problem if you don't have a good dental insurance plan, or even insurance at all. You would likely need financing if you had to pay for the procedure out-of-pocket. Even with these disadvantages though, these crowns make an excellent alternative to porcelain.