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What Are Porcelain Crowns? The Main Pros And Cons

There are many reasons that you could need porcelain crowns. They will help protect your tooth if it's weakened because of decay, beyond the restoration that normal dental fillings offer. It can even provide protection if your tooth is broken or cracked.

There are many reasons that you could need porcelain crowns. They will help protect your tooth if it's weakened because of decay. It can even provide protection if your tooth is broken or cracked.

Professionals in the dental field have long been using porcelain. They like the material because of the many advantages that it offers. The procedure to put them in requires work however, often requiring that you visit the office multiple times.



Porcelain Crowns Procedure

During your first visit, the dentist will examine your tooth to make sure that it's suitable for a crown. Then, he will numb the area and prepare the tooth by removing some of the structure. After the dentist has finished reshaping your tooth, he will need to make an impression of your mouth. The color of the crown will also need to be noted since there are various shades available.

This impression will have to be sent to a laboratory since your porcelain crown will be made there instead of in the office. Since your tooth has already been reshaped, it will be very sensitive. To help protect it, the dentist will fit you with a temporary tooth until your permanent one has been made. You will need to go back to the dentist a second time to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent one cemented into place.

Porcelain Crowns Cost

The issue of porcelain crowns cost can prevent some people from getting them since they're relatively expensive. People typically pay anywhere from $800 to $1000 and even more for one. However, crowns are usually the best option for aesthetic reasons as opposed to simply having the tooth removed. There are also plenty of other advantages of crowns that you should be aware of.

Porcelain Crowns vs Metal Crowns

Compared to metal crowns, porcelain crowns definitely have a cosmetic advantage. The main advantage of porcelain crowns is the beauty that they offer. There are different shades of translucent white that the dentist will be able to fit you with, so they'll fit right in as far as looks are concerned. For all practical purposes, people won't be able to tell that you have a crown in. You definitely can't say this about precious metals such as gold since they'll look drastically different than the rest of your teeth. The material is also pretty stain resistant too.

More Porcelain Crowns Pros and Cons

The most important disadvantage of porcelain crowns vs metal crowns is that porcelain isn't as strong as metal crowns such as platinum or gold crowns. This means that the porcelain crown will need to be thicker in order to provide sufficient support. Since it will have to be thicker, more of your natural tooth structure will need to be removed to accommodate it.

To provide for a pleasing cosmetic appearance while providing a strong structure for the tooth, a hybrid approach is sometimes employed. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are quite popular these days. They offer a tooth colored look outwardly, and tend not to wear down the tooth as greatly as a pure porcelain crown.

Since the porcelain material isn't as strong, you may have a problem with your crown cracking or chipping. Temperature fluctuations can even cause this miniature cracking, which happens when it gets too cold. In most cases, people may not experience such problems. This is something that you may need to discuss with your dentist with.

Porcelain crows are a great choice for the front teeth as they are aesthetically pleasing. With teeth at the back, you may need additional consideration. Your dentist may suggest that you not have them put on your back teeth since you'll generating a lot of biting force and possibly crack them.

You'll also need to be careful as far as hygiene is concerned whenever you get a porcelain crown. Some people seem to more easily develop oral problems such as gingivitis whenever they have these crowns. You'll need to make sure that you floss everyday and brush at least two times to ensure that you don't develop these problems.

Porcelain crowns have long been used to correct certain dental problems. They're often the preferred choice since they look so much like your natural teeth. The downside is the relatively high porcelain crowns cost. When you consider that a well-done crown is long lasting, and how much it improves a person's dental health and ease of chewing food, it could be money well spent.

All said, before rushing into a decision, you may also want to consider several dentists and pick someone who is credentialed and well-experienced with the porcelain crowns procedure.