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How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

"How much does a dental crown cost?" is a common question. In this article, we take at look at the cost of dental crowns and how to do an apples to apples cost comparison as we shop around.

A dental crown cost anywhere from $600 - $1,500 on average. These are some of the tooth crown costs that patients across the US self-reported. They could be for any type of crowns:

$750 - Milwaukie, OR
$1,200 - Southern California
$750 - Los Angeles, CA
$950 - Austin, TX
$988 - Chicago, IL
$1,000 - Chicago, IL
$830 - Altoona, PA
$1,200 - Philadelphia, PA
$860 - Queens, NY



In order to understand why a dental crown cost so much, let's take a closer at what is entailed in providing this dental treatment. A dental crown is used to restore a tooth that is badly decayed or broken. The dental crown procedure is quite an involved procedure that span over 2 dental appointments. First, the dentist needs to shape the tooth and get it in the right shape in order for a dental crown or cap to be seated in place. They also need to take an impression of the tooth and the color of the tooth to make sure that the dental crown will be made with the right color. A temporary tooth crown is put into place while the specifications are out to the lab for a new crown personalized to your tooth impression to be fabricated. In the second visit, you will go through a detailed fitting process to have the dental crown put in place. For the type of involved work and expertise needed, it is no wonder that dental crowns cost quite a bit.

Dental crown cost is also driven by the type of dental crown you pick. Typically, resin crowns cost less than porcelain fused to metal crowns, full porcelain dental crowns and full metal or gold dental crowns. However, resin crowns are also known to be prone to chipping over time. Assuming that they are all offered at the same dental office, the cost difference due to type of crown could vary by 10 - 20%. If cost is an issue, these could get the job done for now. Overall, keep in mind the overall cost and benefits as you evaluate what to purchase. Inquire with the dentist as to the reasons for his or her recommendation of going with a particular type of material for the dental crown. You can also do independent research online to check the details out further.

Dental Crown Cost Comparison

One of the ways to reduce the cost for a dental crown is to comparison shop. You can make inquires with various dental offices, or else visit another office for a second opinion and quote. When you have the price quote, make sure to do an apples to apples comparison. Like we explained above, the cost of a crown could be due to the type of materials included in the crown. Each dental crown procedure is associated with a different American Dental Association ADA code. For example ADA 2790 refers to a crown made of full cast high noble metal, whereas ADA 2750 a crown made porcelain fused to high noble metal. So when comparing prices, you want to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

A dental crown cost anywhere from $600 to $1,500. It is not inexpensive as it is quite an involved procedure that requires some detailed dental work. Nevertheless, if you don't feel comfortable with a price quote you've been given, by all means check out other dental offices and websites to do some comparison shopping.